Spadina–Fort York

Standing up for Spadina–Fort York

Dear Neighbours,

I consider it an honour to have served the Spadina-Fort York community as your former Member of Provincial Parliament, and former Critic for Technology Development and Innovation.

In this role, I organized community members to advocate for building more daycares and schools in our area, to protect condo owners, and to advocate for affordable housing options.

While I consider it a great honour to have walked into Queen's Park as your representative, I must admit I am shocked with the direction that our Premier Doug Ford is taking this province. He has:

  • Cut $100 million in funding for TDSB school repairs
  • Replaced the 2015 sex ed curriculum with the version developed in 1998, so that students will not be learning about crucial issues such as consent
  • Cancelled green energy contracts and programs and left green energy businesses and consumers facing the loss of tens of thousands of dollars
  • Fired Ontario’s Chief Scientist and Chief Investment Officer, and
  • Most recently he has cut the number of council seats in the City of Toronto in half in the middle of an election.

When I was elected, I thought our role as a member of the NDP would be to hold Ford’s Conservatives to account. Now I realize that our role is to mitigate the damage he is causing to our schools, our economy, our environment, and our democracy. 

I have created workgroups to advocate for the environment, for affordable housing, for daycares and schools, for protections for condo owners, and for our democracy. If you are interested in working on any of these issues, email me at [email protected]

In spite of the challenges, I believe that it is still possible to create better neighourhoods when we work together. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to be your advocate at Queen's Park. 

Please reach out if you have concerns, questions, or would like to get involved.

Yours sincerely,

-Chris Glover

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