September 15th, 2021

Horwath calls for new last-mile strategy

NDP Leader says it’s time to take on the anti-vax movement

QUEEN’S PARK — Ontario needs a new, rock-solid last mile strategy to surpass the 90 per cent vaccination goal and end COVID in Ontario, says Official Opposition NDP Leader Andrea Horwath — and Doug Ford’s bare-minimum approach isn’t cutting it.
“Millions of Ontarians have done the right thing. We’ve hunted for appointments, lined up for hours, gotten our jab, and then helped our family and our neighbours get theirs, too,” said Horwath.
“We earned the chance to go to the stadium, the mall or to places of worship without fear that we’re going to be exposed to COVID-19. We should be able to support local businesses without putting our own health at risk. And we deserve to have hospitals that are ready to care for our loved ones — not backed up with COVID patients who chose not to get a vaccine.”
Of Ontarians over 12, 85 per cent have had one dose of the vaccine, and 78 per cent are fully vaccinated. But that number is barely moving. Since Aug. 31, the number of fully vaccinated people has risen just two points to 78 per cent from 76 per cent.
“Doug Ford’s plan has us crawling the last mile. He’s refusing to take on anti-vaxxers. In fact, he’s emboldening them with half measures and complacent silence,” said Horwath.
“We need vaccine certificates to apply at all non-essential businesses and activities, not a list of exemptions and contradictions. We need Safety Zone legislation, not anti-vaxxers harassing patients, health care heroes and small businesses. We need mandatory vaccines in health care and education, but Ford hasn’t made vaccines mandatory for anyone — not even the people working with sick people, frail seniors, or our unvaccinated little ones.
“Instead of dragging this out, let’s end this pandemic nightmare and get Ontario back on track.”